The procedure of Verification / Calibration of Commercial Weights, Measures, weighing, or measuring instruments.

The Inspector (W&M) visits different shops and Establishment for verification of every weight, measure, weighing or measuring instrument being used in the transaction of trade and commerce, including petrol pumps, CNG dispensers, oil tankers, etc, and industrial units using weights & measures physically against official standards of weights & measures (called Working standards) under section-11 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, standard Weights & Measures Enforcement Act, 1976 and stamped with official stamps annually/periodically on payment of prescribed fee under section-18 of the act, Rule 17 and schedule-X.

Seizure, detention, and disposal of unauthorized weight, measure, weighing or measuring instrument.

An inspector shall seize and detain any weight, measure, weighing or measuring instrument, beam scales, spring balance, counter machine, and steel yard used or intended to be used in transactions of trade and commerce if he found that.

  1. They are not of the same denominations as are specified in Schedules V and VI and do not fulfill any of the requirements of the Act, or these rules;
  2. They are false or defective;
  3. Fraud is committed by using them;
  4. They are unstamped; and
  5. The stamp on them is forged or transferred.

Legal Action in case of violation

Under the law, our inspectors visit various markets/bazaars, POL, CNG stations, and industrial units for verification carried out at least once a year, of commercial weights & measures as well as for inspection too. In case of any violation, legal action is being taken under Chapter-IV of the said Act and the violator is being prosecuted in a court of law. After a necessary trial, the court usually imposes fines on the accused.